Meet the Team

The Last Exile (EXL) was founded in Supreme Commander back in 2008 by 5 friends. Unhappy with the direction our old clan leadership was taking, we decided we could do better on our own. By focusing on teamwork and having good old fun instead of selecting members for their individual skill, we quickly aimed to reach the top of the clan ranking on Supreme Commander. And we did. With no need for harsh mandatory game schedules or training routines, we focus on enjoying every single bit of every game we play together instead. That’s what sets us apart from all other clans. Achieving greatness while having fun. And we keep doing it over and over again! That’s what makes us awesome!

2008 – 2011: ORIGINS

2008 and Supreme Commander was at the peak of its activity. Many clans were formed and disbanded on a daily basis. On January 8th, The Last Exile was created on GPGNet, not meant to be one of the biggest clans in the game, but to follow a completely different path instead. By staying relatively small and more manageable, every member is able to keep a close relationship with most of the other members, leading to the development of great team strategies in game. A side effect of that was a quick rise on the individual skill level of most members. Working very well together, EXL members were able to truly help out each other and improve their game massively. By the time the overall Supreme Commander activity began to decline in favor of the Forged Alliance expansion, many of the still active members occupied the top 50 global rank of 1v1 matches and most of the top 10. The 1st place of the Clan Ranking was also occupied by the EXL and would be for well over 2 years.

While many didn’t adapt to the different gameplay Forged Alliance offered, a considerable amount of EXL members proved it was possible to be extremely good at both games, quickly reaching the top 100 and even the top 10 on it.

The EXL never achieved the fame of the bigger clans. However, It accomplished great things with a tight knit group of dedicated individuals, that would play together for years to come.


With overall Supreme Commander activity declining, many EXL members played Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty 4 together. It eventually lead to the renting of servers that the clan kept up with great map rotations, no admin abuse, and free of unwanted cheating and hacking. The popularity of those servers was enough to keep them full during most nights. There were a few unsuccessful attempts at competitive Team Fortress 2, mostly due to the difference in timezones between core Team Fortress 2 members. Ever after that, the EXL stayed together and kept their servers up for as long as they were able to, with the last Team Fortress 2 server dubbed “Fight Club” shutting down late 2011.


That difficult second album. Published by SquareEnix but still made by Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander 2 had a smaller scope and scale. Limited by design choices, Supreme Commander 2 was a good title on its own but a very disappointing sequel to some. The lack of proper multiplayer support like a multiplayer chat, hub or clan tools was also a huge let down, and the main reason the EXL didn’t have a very active group playing it.

2011 – 2013: BATTLEFIELD 3

The EXL marked its presence on Battlefield 3 with the creation of a platoon right after the game was released. Intended to be a hub only for EXL members, recruitment of new players wasn’t a priority. The platoon is still maintained by some members that still gather occasionally to play Battlefield 3.

The type of squad based gameplay Battlefield 3 offered was something that the clan had to try. While it was never a game the team meant to play competitively, it was a game where the clan learned a lot about squad coordination and tight knit teamwork.



2013 is a great year for PC Gaming and especially for the RTS Genre. Because we began in Supreme Commander, the greatest RTS game of its time, we’ve been longing for a successor up to par. After a long time without a main game, We’re back to do our best at Planetary Annihilation. Made by the same guys who brought us Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, Planetary Annihilation feels like home for our core members. With strategy taken up to to multiple planets and multiple battlefields, Planetary Annihilation will take team games to the next level. Our goal is to achieve our best and become a symbol of dedication and efficiency in Clan games, always with fun as the main hallmark of our gaming lives.


Battlefield 4 brings back Commander mode, spectating capabilities, and five man squads. Features that were missing from the 3rd installment and the community wanted back. It gives clans better tools and the ability to pursue a higher skill ceiling in a competitive environment.

The EXL is actively working to maintain a strong team in Battlefield, showing that clans don't have to focus on a single game or even a single genre.

Star Citizen

The promise of a massive persistent universe and the return of a loved PC genre might take the clan beyond the Stars in this Space Sim by Chris Roberts. So far only a handful of us have show interest in this game, but the EXL will surely have a presence in the game.

League of Legends

When galaxies colide, mater is transformed and created. In one of these colisions, 5 new elements were created. Elements never seen before. And the EXL nabbed them from the dark intergalactic space and formed the EXL League team. They will roam the known and the unknown universe looking for other League teams to beat. In the end, when darkness has taken over our universe, the last light to go out will be the EXL League team saying GG.

While most of us are old enough to have families, pursue careers, surf the coolest waves of the pacific, or spend all day in a boring desk job, many still enjoy the pleasure of playing together from time to time. And once a member, always a member. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, where we are from or what we play. Being part of the EXL is being part of one of the craziest, most unique clans in the world.

And while our main game is set to be Planetary Annihilation, we’re a multifaceted group. We have members who couldn’t play an RTS game if their life depended on it. And we’re fine with that. So we also play Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, Minecraft, League of Legends and all sorts of other games. Want to come play with us?

If you have any questions or simply want to get in touch, contact us at: exl at thelastexile dot net!