Roadtrip 2013 – Campzone


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Saturday, 20

With 2000 km ahead of us, we set off with a car full of PC parts, snacks and drinks, sleeping bags, a tent, and a Galaxy S3 with GPS. The road is smooth and we make fast progress.

By the end of the day, we’ve reached France.

Halfway across France, we’re way too bored of the rolling hills and modern windmills to take any pictures. Feel free to check them on Google Streetview! French Highways were dull and we were looking forward to get to the Netherlands before nightfall.

Monday, 22

It looks like we brought the hot summer from Portugal. We’re all melting over here in the Netherlands with temperatures soaring 37º C. I’m pretty sure it’s well over 40º. Hopefully the heat wave will be followed by a thunderstorm tonight and some fresh weather after that. I’ve never been happier to hear about a thunderstorm.

Below there’s a couple of pictures we took in the first day in the Netherlands. More precisely, Hilversum.

Wednesday, 24 – Amsterdam

It’s still hot and we’re spending the day in Amsterdam. We get to the Rijksmuseum to check Rembrandt’s Night Watch, get some pretty pics of the city, do some window shopping on the Red Light District and before we know it, the day’s gone. Well spent!

We also meet with one of our oldest EXLs. He’s been with us almost since the beginning. He’s from Poland and we all know him by MGX. Group picture take at Vondelpark right smack in the middle of Amsterdam is right below:

Thursday, 25 – Goliaths, Logs, and shooting people

Good fun!

A day well spent in Walibi World.

There was a handful of coasters to ride, and enough time to ride them all. The queues? Nowhere to be seen. Apart from the heat, during most of the day, it was awesome. Riding the goliath was the best thrill of the day. There’s a video of it below, and some pictures as well.

I’m posting this on a late friday directly from Campzone because my laziness didn’t allow me to post it earlier. yeah…

And here’s a video of the Goliath pulled right from the YouTubes for your viewing pleasure. We went on that thing, On the first drop, you can try to scream as much as you can, nothing will come out of your lungs. and your balls? left somewhere between the second hill and the first turn…good luck finding them.


The Highlight of the entire journey. The reason to go to the Netherlands and the reason we will be going back one day. Everyone was cool with having 3 crazy Portuguese guys taking space in their tent and eating their food stuffs which was awesome! We got to see a real thunderstorm during one of the nights, I learned to play League of Legends, Mindsweeper learned how to love Sanctum and Lucovic yelled at some guys on Battlefield 3. All in good fun. And then, on our last night there our minds were blown away by Asteryz’s crew. They were playing Artemis with the best looking Spaceship Bridge I’ve ever seen since the old Star Trek days. I was in awe at how cool it was. Someone was responsible for the power, someone for the sensors, another for the communications, and there was a badass Commander standing up in the middle shouting orders around. It was amazing! Kudos to Asteryz for his mad piloting skills during what looked like a failed ramming maneuver but was actually a failing ship who couldn’t turn properly.

Where are the photos? – I hear you ask… well, the thing about being on an event like campzone is that you’re so immersed in all the awesomeness that there’s no time to take many pictures. However, the Event organizers have a Youtube Channel and you can check their daily videos there. Here’s the final cut. The one video that showcases everything that is awesome about the best gaming event I’ve ever been part of.

I’ll do my best to be there again next year for the full event! It will be glorious!

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible.

Asteryz and all his friends for being so awesome and for receiving us so well at Campzone.

Luco’s family for having us for a little bit more than a week and for receiving 3 Portuguese nutjobs in their home like family.

our PCs for staying fully operational after a 5000 Km trip over bumpy roads, scorching highways, pot holes and cold nights buried under 10 tons of luggage. I’m specially amazed about Mindsweeper’s PC… It should have died before we reached Aveiro. It seems we broke the curse.

F13 because that’s where we get all our PC stuff! Definitely the best shop in Portugal. You need anything PC related when you’re here, you come to me, and I take you to F13.

My parents for not freaking out (too much) when I told them I was driving to the netherlands and taking my 15 year old brother with me.