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Gamma Build 64498

Uber continues to update  and add new stuff to Planetary Annihilation. A new big update has arrived, loaded with cool features and balance changes. If you have the game, now’s the time to give it another go. If you don’t, […]


Banished Makes Its Way Into Steam

Banished, the city building strategy game from the one man developer Shining Rock Software, has just made an appearance on Steam. It will be available later this year. We’ve talked about Banished before, but for those of you who don’t […]


PA Evolution VII – Beta

UPDATE 1: The Beta reveal trailer now sits below the cut. click to read more to see it. UDDATE 2: Patch noted posted below. Second beta build was already released with a few fixes for the new bugs. It’s out! […]


PA Evolution IV – Fast Approaching Beta

The Kickstarter Update by Uber landed on my email moments ago, reminding me that we’re already in September and the PA Beta is fast approaching. I’ve never seen a game change so quickly. From early alpha where tanks could barely […]


Planetary Annihilation – Build 50742

The news we’ve been waiting for ages have arrived! Well…we’ve been waiting for like… 2 weeks? Still… TOO DAMN LONG! I was starting to develop hangover symptoms which are never good in an healthy gaming environment. Here are the patch […]


Mac and Linux Win!

The latest build is out. 50083. There’s support for ancient technology such as 32 bit systems and windows 8. Playability has been improved on Mac as well. As expected, Alpha updates are focused on increasing stability of the game itself, […]


PA Evolution II – The Pleasures of Alpha Testing

Everyone is excited with the pace of the alpha, and the features being added or updated on a regular basis. A big step forward was the addition of nukes. I know it’s a first pass and they don’t really do […]


Planetary Annihilation Livestream

Big Announcements! Tonight’s LiveStream was filled with magic announcements that will leave you pumped for the rest of the year. So sit down, Relax, read the important stuff and the video is below! So… What were the big announcements? Alpha […]


Planetary Annihilation Livestream

Another amazing LiveStream happened last friday. They showed us primitive combat, some lighting and some bugs. It looked amazing. However, there was one feature that stole the show. the Chrono Cam. Watch the videos below and have your mind blown…again. […]


Planetary Annihilation LiveStream

It’s right here. The LiveStream we’ve been waiting for months. Pre Alpha footage in all its glory. Enjoy.