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Steam Offline Mode

. Steam and Offline are two words that don’t go very well together. In the beginning I couldn’t run Steam’s Offline mode at all. It would simply refuse to work. Nowadays it runs quite well. I haven’t had problems with […]


Banished Makes Its Way Into Steam

Banished, the city building strategy game from the one man developer Shining Rock Software, has just made an appearance on Steam. It will be available later this year. We’ve talked about Banished before, but for those of you who don’t […]


PA Evolution VIII – Patch Round Up

For those who are in the beta this is not news. We all got the update in the mail a few days ago and we were all terribly excited with it! Basically, the beta has kicked off and with it, […]


Valve Files HL3 Trademark

UPDATE: The trademark was taken down. So it was a hoax. Again. I just realized Valve doesn’t have to spend money on Half Life 3 advertising. Gamers want the game so bad that from time to time someone will take […]


And now Steam Controllers

Very recently Valve announced a OS and Hardware for our living rooms. What goes well with that? A fancy controller! And here it is. Because Valve talked about it on their announcement website better than I could ever do, here’s […]


Steam-OS, Steam Machines, Steam

Last week Valve announced an announcement. That announcement has arrived and it’s a new OS for the living room. Valve has been playing around with Linux and has its own Linux based OS sort of ready. They claim graphical performance […]


Steam Family Sharing

Brothers and Sisters! Uncles and Mothers in law! Distant Cousins and Godfathers! Gather them all around your computer for this announcement! Steam will soom be allowing you to share your games with “family” and close friends. They will be able […]


Find a Relic From The Past

I’ve officially gone bonkers. I’m now holding a contest for the oldest piece of hardware you can find and take a picture of. (PC Hardware or directly related). Take your picture before noon Sunday 8th, and get a steam key […]



The trailer is mind boggling. It will make you sit on the edge of your seat. It’s an experiment to make the player explore the loneliness and strangeness of a vast unknown universe. While it might look scary at first, […]