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Star Citizen’s Arena Commander

If you’ve been paying attention to Star Citizen, you probably saw the PAX East presentation of the Dogfighting module, now renamed Arena Commander. The video below shows that and a bit more. Arena Commander sits in the Star Citizen lore […]


Star Citizen is a PC Game – Says Chris Roberts

. Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform. We will NOT limit the input options or supported peripherals to the lowest common denominator. We will NOT pass on features and technology […]


26 Million for Star Citizen

. Twenty six million USD. That’s the money Cloud Imperium Games has raised to make Star Citizen. The 26 million barrier was broken a couple days ago and with it came a new “Letter from the Chairman” and an announcement […]


New Star Citizen Trailer Shows a Hornet

Robert Space Industries has released a new trailer for the Anvil Aerospace Hornet, one of the most beautiful ships I’ve seen in a videogame. So the timing is perfect to write about it and the other two that they made […]


$20 Million raised for Star Citizen

I’m sure some producers somewhere are holding late night emergency meetings, to try and figure out how a PC space sim could achieve such thing. Truth is, on PC gamers know what PC gamers want. And right now, PC gamers […]