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Gamma Build 63180

Gamma is definitely here now, folks, and we’re continuing to tune the experience to make it even better. This update focuses on performance and improvements to numerous areas of the game from lighting to art to the server browser. Also […]


PA – Build 54994

Many many many changes! Performance, balance, and AI mostly. The full patch notes are right below the cut.


Planetary Annihilation Livestream – August 14th

Tim Cox, Steve Thomson and the rest of the Uber crew have been busy with art and planet building. Yesterday’s LiveStream was focused on the art process and what it takes to build and polish the game assets. The first […]


PA Evolution I

The first prototype came out last week and most of the alpha backers, if not all, already have their keys. The alpha is moving at a pace I’m not accustomed to. There were patches during the weekend! Madness! Uber folks, […]