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PA Galactic War Build

“Today’s update adds the first iteration of Galactic War, Planetary Annihilation’s single-player experience. Available now as a free update, Galactic War tasks you with taking over a dynamic galaxy by scouring the stars for tech and special perks. In Galactic […]


PA Big Rock Update

The Pit is the colorful name we call the open floor area where most of Uber Entertainment’s programmers, engineers, and artists sit. Bodies and desks are packed together, purposefully, in close-knit configurations, so information flows more easily between each other. […]


Gamma Build 64498

Uber continues to update  and add new stuff to Planetary Annihilation. A new big update has arrived, loaded with cool features and balance changes. If you have the game, now’s the time to give it another go. If you don’t, […]


Gamma Build 63180

Gamma is definitely here now, folks, and we’re continuing to tune the experience to make it even better. This update focuses on performance and improvements to numerous areas of the game from lighting to art to the server browser. Also […]


PA Gamma Livestream

The Uber Livestream is back! Today, Mavor, Brad, and more Uber guys talk about the new Gamma release! Why is there a gamma, the definition of beta, commanders, upcoming features, jury duty, and bacon! Enjoy!


PA Gamma – Upcoming features Pt.2

Planetary Annihilation has always been about incredible scale and features that let you make entire solar systems your playground. We’re going to push on this idea even harder in the game’s gamma phase with a new suite of features focused […]


PA Gamma – Upcoming features

“The upcoming gamma phase of Planetary Annihilation is all about you and your friends. We’ll be rolling out a ton of features over the course of development that’ll make it easier to connect, team up, browse compare, and check out the Commanders […]


Planetary Annihilation Gamma

So Uber Entertainment continues to be on the cutting edge of game development! This time they invented a new stage for game development! That’s how badass they are! And it is called Gamma! It’s somewhere after Beta and right before […]


PA Evolution IX

. December is right around the corner and Planetary Annihilation updates are being released at a slow but steady pace. The official news post explains what’s going on better than I do. So here’s the latest news from the Uber […]


October 11 – Uber LiveStream

Last night’s Livestream was amazing. While a 3v3 game between Uber guys ran on the background, Brad Nicholson, Ben Golus, and Steve Smith kept us hooked by answering questions from the web and talking about some upcoming features. HDR was […]