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PA Evolution VII – Beta

UPDATE 1: The Beta reveal trailer now sits below the cut. click to read more to see it. UDDATE 2: Patch noted posted below. Second beta build was already released with a few fixes for the new bugs. It’s out! […]


PA Evolution VI – Lore

The Planetary Annihilation was updated. This is the 34th update and one of the most interesting so far. Lore. You all know what it means but what you might not know is that Planetary Annihilation is filled with it…to the […]


PA Evolution V – Smashing Release Dates!

Uber has a release date for Beta. September 26th. This is the date they are aiming for but it’s not definitive. It might be changed! There is multi-planet war, planet smashing and big performance improvements. The Livestream uploaded today has […]


PA Evolution IV – Fast Approaching Beta

The Kickstarter Update by Uber landed on my email moments ago, reminding me that we’re already in September and the PA Beta is fast approaching. I’ve never seen a game change so quickly. From early alpha where tanks could barely […]


Planetary Annihilation – Build 52512

Early Orbital is here! Full patch notes are as follows: Windows Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit) “PA.exe has stopped working” – before doing anything else, get your video drivers updated. If you don’t know […]


Planetary Annihilation – Build 52168

A new build was released and there’s new toys in it! The System Builder was included in experimental mode. It means you can play around with planets and editing systems at will. For something experimental, it works very well! Full […]


Planetary Annihilation Livestream – August 14th

Tim Cox, Steve Thomson and the rest of the Uber crew have been busy with art and planet building. Yesterday’s LiveStream was focused on the art process and what it takes to build and polish the game assets. The first […]


PA Evolution III

As you already know, the latest PA build includes some nice new features. My favourite so far is the World Editor. Right now, it lets you pick from a handful of biomes, and lets you adjust a dozen different sliders. […]


Planetary Annihilation – Build 50742

The news we’ve been waiting for ages have arrived! Well…we’ve been waiting for like… 2 weeks? Still… TOO DAMN LONG! I was starting to develop hangover symptoms which are never good in an healthy gaming environment. Here are the patch […]


Tweeting hopes and dreams!

Ok, I’m being a bit sensationalist here. But I’m honestly excited. Marc Scattergood aka Garat has recently tweeted the thing on the image above and the uber forumites started to mine it for potential information. Truth is, I think there’s […]