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PA – Build 56310

. A new patch was released. If you have PA on steam, you probably noticed it already. The focus of the patch was mostly to under-the-hood stuff, so don’t expect many visual changes with this one. This kind of work […]


PA – Build 55430

The build most of us were waiting since the last Livestream is here. HDR, FSAA and resolution scaling. The new Raptor Commander is playable as well. The rest of the changes are as follows:   To get orbital or deepspace […]


October 11 – Uber LiveStream

Last night’s Livestream was amazing. While a 3v3 game between Uber guys ran on the background, Brad Nicholson, Ben Golus, and Steve Smith kept us hooked by answering questions from the web and talking about some upcoming features. HDR was […]


Friday 11 – Uber LiveStream

A new livestream was scheduled so get ready to free up your Friday at 1pm PST. Uber is going to talk about new and upcoming features and chat about the game in general. So don’t forget about it. This will […]


PA Evolution VIII – Patch Round Up

For those who are in the beta this is not news. We all got the update in the mail a few days ago and we were all terribly excited with it! Basically, the beta has kicked off and with it, […]


Uber Livestream – September 27

There was a Uber Livestream and I missed it. I was busy getting my hands dirty with flinging rocks at planets. But I’ve watched it now and spent some time taking notes that you can find below the video. The […]


PA Evolution VII – Beta

UPDATE 1: The Beta reveal trailer now sits below the cut. click to read more to see it. UDDATE 2: Patch noted posted below. Second beta build was already released with a few fixes for the new bugs. It’s out! […]


PA Evolution VI – Lore

The Planetary Annihilation was updated. This is the 34th update and one of the most interesting so far. Lore. You all know what it means but what you might not know is that Planetary Annihilation is filled with it…to the […]


PA Evolution V – Smashing Release Dates!

Uber has a release date for Beta. September 26th. This is the date they are aiming for but it’s not definitive. It might be changed! There is multi-planet war, planet smashing and big performance improvements. The Livestream uploaded today has […]