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Arena Commander Available Now

The long delay came to an end! Star Citizen was already being considered vaporware by many and some even tried to get a refund from what some already considered a “defunct company”. From what I’ve gathered, CIG has recovered from […]


Arena Commander V.8 Delay

The following article was posted on the official RSI website earlier, followed by my opinion on this non-issue. “The team has been working around the clock for the past two weeks to polish gameplay and eliminate the bugs that would […]


Arena Commander – 29 May

The bomb is dropping this month. Thursday the 29th will be a glorious day for PC Gaming. The latest Weekly Report has all the details you need. But here’s the gist of it: “Let me begin with the information you […]


Star Citizen’s Arena Commander

If you’ve been paying attention to Star Citizen, you probably saw the PAX East presentation of the Dogfighting module, now renamed Arena Commander. The video below shows that and a bit more. Arena Commander sits in the Star Citizen lore […]