Planetary Annihilation – Build 52168


Planetary Annihilation – Build 52168

A new build was released and there’s new toys in it! The System Builder was included in experimental mode. It means you can play around with planets and editing systems at will. For something experimental, it works very well!

Full patch notes right here:

Build 52168

  • • System Builder is now available in experimental mode. No saving/loading of systems yet. Use mass to determine what planets can orbit other planets (only a lower mass planet can orbit a large mass body with the sun being the exception. No binary systems yet.) You can also add placeholder (simple primitive) planets in the system editor by pressing ‘a’.
  • • UI Updates: Mouse over on units provides significantly more detail about the state of the unit, and in the case of builders, what they’re building
  • • Ongoing improvements to unit flocking and flow field path finding
  • • AI not only builds to advanced factories now, but fabbers will also assist now. Build air defenses!
  • • Metal spots now have a mode where you can turn on a strategic icon for them. Particularly useful on mostly water planets.
  • • Advanced bombers will no longer do double damage to primary target (main damage + splash)
  • • Commander can no longer build nukes or anti-nukes.
  • • Ctrl-P now has more modes. It cycles between Client, Server and Sim stats. When reporting “lag” or framerate issues, please make note of the frame rate on each of these pages as it’s helpful in determining where the problem was with performance.
  • • Random name cycle button for planet editor
  • Fix for linux not translating Ctrl+[key] and Shift+[key] key presses properly
  • The client should now make use of your display name if you have one set (
  • • Never ending circle nukes shouldn’t any more.
  • • Quick match now is 1v1, and also fixes an issue where quick match frequently wasn’t working.

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