Spintires – Review


Spintires – Review

Spintires has arrived on Steam and I’ve been playing it. I was so surprised with the quality of it that I felt compelled to write about it. Some might look at the game sitting in the store front page and go “meh, another wannabe simulator from some shady eastern Europe company. I’m usually one of those guys.

However, having tried the “tech demo” last year, I was excited to see the game succeed on Kickstarter and hit Steam. What might look like a boring truck game for some, is actually an impressive and extremely detailed and fun experience to play solo or with friends.

The physics are mind blowing and the detailing is awe inspiring. Trees and shrubs bend in perfect contact with your truck. Mud deforms under your wheels and gets stuck to them. vapor comes off your engine when you cross a body of water. cross deep rivers with a truck of heavy logs and watch as the water sloshes over your hood and under your trailer.

And getting stuck doesn’t mean game over. Winch yourself out of sticky situations and if you’re playing multiplayer, your friends can winch you out too. Did you manage to flip your logs and now your precious cargo sits in the middle of the path? Get a crane and load them back up! Get the job done!

The Co-op works really well and apart from some mild bugs it’s a pretty smooth experience. A beautifully crafted experience. It looks pretty, it feels pretty and it’s super fun! Definitely recommended! If you’re into trucks or off-roading or even if you’re not, give it a go!


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