Arena Commander V.8 – May 29


Arena Commander V.8 – May 29

Greetings Citizens,

As promised, we are updating each day Arena Commander V.8 is delayed with a copy of the same bug list we track internally. Do not be too concerned that today’s list is longer than what appeared yesterday: it’s not unusual for additional bugs to be generated as we squash more serious issues. The news today is very positive: the programming team eliminated the major DirectX bug that was encountered yesterday and excellent strides are being made to put the game into a releasable state! Thank you for bearing with us; we know you’re here to play (and help us test this game!), and we’re eager to let you. We are anticipating having these issues resolved very soon.


Dogfight Module – Multiplayer – Camera – After respawn character is stuck looking up
Lag in feedback and update of essential game events resulting in increasingly divergent multiplayer sync

After respawning, the player immediately blackout, couldn’t get back into gameplay
Character shakes and twitches when freelooking left or right in any cockpit
Free look does not work in Single Player in the Hornet
Server put into a bad state after round end, unable to accept further player connections or recover
Aurora – Crash after 3 deaths from border in 3rd person
300i does not seem to be able to lock / fire missiles in multiplayer
Cockpit camera shakes when seated in DFM Aurora

Dogfighting Module – Vanduul Swarm – All Maps – Animation – Missing flight animations for the pilot in the cockpit when flying the Aurora

300i – The player character’s hands are contorted in the cockpit view
Walk through railing, fall out of map after interacting with helmet pedestal

Vanduul Swarm – Display drivers can crash when Vanduul spawn or blow up
Battle Royale (Crash) – While Flying (Shader)
Vanduul Swarm (Crash) – Shortly after missile lock
All Maps – Occasionally, when first spawning into the maps lasers and ballistic fire * is invisible but can be heard when firing – they eventually appear
Crash on exit after returning from DFM match
Character is unable to exit DFM Aurora bed if helmet is on
Gforce animations are not playing on the pilot in any of the ships
Character and parts of cockpit interior vanish while accelerating


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