H. R. Giger – 1940-2014


H. R. Giger – 1940-2014

H. R. Giger,  a Swiss painter, sculptor and set designer, better known as the father of the Alien, passed away two days ago. He was 74 years old when he died last Monday in Zurich.

His art was unique and phantasmagorical to say the least. The Alien was based on some surreal images from Giger’s first book, “Necronomicon”, back in the 70s. Ridley Scott promptly hired Giger after seeing the book, to create the monster for Alien.

The artist is gone but the art stays with us. From bars he designed in Switzerland – which have been compared to marooned alien spaceships – to memorable album covers and to his museum in Gruyères, Giger’s work will stay alive to remind us that the darkest and strangest corners of our imagination sometimes hold really amazing things. Creepy but amazing

For me, the Alien will remain forever as Giger’s biggest masterpiece. A true monster that felt out of this world. Scary, mysterious and seemingly unstoppable.

Being part of a generation that grew with Alien, I’m now more than ever looking forward to the next thing that puts the Alien in a center role. This year, Alien: Isolation aims to fill the existing void on the horror videogame genre – a proper game featuring the Alien. Creative Assembly says they are staying true to the first movie’s vision and if that happens, we will have a memorable game to perpetuate Giger’s creature in another epic piece of art. This time, an interactive one where the Alien’s behavior and movement is more refined than ever. It will be scary and we’re going to love it

R.I.P. Mr. Giger. Thank you for all the crazy art and for making me sleep with the lights on for a really long time. 🙂

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