Star Citizen’s Arena Commander


Star Citizen’s Arena Commander

If you’ve been paying attention to Star Citizen, you probably saw the PAX East presentation of the Dogfighting module, now renamed Arena Commander. The video below shows that and a bit more.

Arena Commander sits in the Star Citizen lore as a virtual simulation built within the universe as a tool for starship captains to simulate combat without putting their ships at risk. It’s a clever way to justify all the ship explosions and respawns which won’t happen as easily persistent universe. There, if you lose your ship, you better have it insured or you’re walking to your next mission instead of flying…which makes combat a very dangerous business. If you decide to be a pirate who goes around blowing other people up and looting their cargo, you better think really well about it. Did I just confuse you with too many details? Drop by the forums and post your questions. Here’s Arena Commander for you:

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