Star Citizen Monthly Report Mar-2014


Star Citizen Monthly Report Mar-2014

Although a few days late, the latest Star Citizen monthly report is here and packed of good info. The Dog Fighting module is around the corner and all of CIG is working around the clock to deliver the best space sim ever!

Here’s a snippet:

“Santa Monica, California… Home to year round sunshine, excellent restaurants along the walking promenade, and a 3-mile stretch of beautiful beach. We’ve seen none of these things for many weeks now as we’ve been locked in our office working hard on Dogfighting!

In all seriousness though while it is tiring, it is also very invigorating, and this project drives everyone’s passion and the knowledge that the community is just as excited as we are pushes us to our best work. I have never been more awed by a team’s discipline and dedication. We work not because we’re forced to but instead because we love what we’re working on and want to really wow people with Chris’ reveal before PAX East.

Alright, well at this point I am sure you’re thinking, “We get it, the teams is working hard… But what have youDONE?” Well fair enough, here we go!
The HUD has moved forward by leaps and bounds. This has been one of our most collaborative pieces of work with other studios and it is really shaping up! Over the course of the past couple of months, we have been working hard to conceptualize and define the base functionality that will drive the HUD and peripheral user interfaces in many of the ships that you will be piloting in the Star Citizen universe.

In any ship, you will be able to manage and interact with many different systems, such as weapons configuration management, power and energy management, shields management, radar configuration, navigation, comms, target tracking, preset configuration, and much more. All of these components need to be quickly accessible to you at any given point in time, especially during heated situations such as combat.”

The rest of the article can be found HERE and a gorgeous concept of the hornet’s hud right HERE.

It also happens that yesterday was wednesday and wednesday is Wingman’s Hangar day, so i’m packing 2 in 1 and here it is:

See you in the Verse!

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