Gamma Build 63180


Gamma Build 63180

Gamma is definitely here now, folks, and we’re continuing to tune the experience to make it even better. This update focuses on performance and improvements to numerous areas of the game from lighting to art to the server browser. Also present in this build? A giant bedrock feature: multi-planet starting points.

Catch the patch notes for the full listings of tweaks, improvements and fixes.

  • Multi-Planet Starting Spots!

– We’ve added them. To use them, make a new custom system in the System Editor and flip them on for whatever planet you desire. Then, commence annihilation.
– The AI can now use multi-planet starts, too.

  • New Commander!

– The Imperial Invictus is now available to all players! This robot is pretty serious, so go check him out in the Armory.

  • Art!

– Updated art for a number of units, including the nuke launcher and ammo, and the anti-nuke launcher and ammo

  • Lobby!

– Updates to the Server Browser. Players can see more information about games before joining a lobby now.

  • Localization!

– We have started our community localization project! If you want to participate, please check this thread out and go here to contribute.

  • Technical Stuff!

– Significant graphics change to lighting. This should help improve frame rates for a number of players.
– Improvements to the build bar. This provides more efficiency information while you’re playing
– Improvements to spectating! We’re working hard to make the job of casting easier, and the fun of simply watching more accessible!
– Ongoing improvements to game audio

  • Important Notes!

– Please disable all mods until you know which ones work! This build changes a lot of the underlying UI systems.
– Make sure your drivers are updated!

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