Star Citizen Monthly Report Feb-2014


Star Citizen Monthly Report Feb-2014

Because the community asked for it, and because it is the best way to keep everyone up to date on such a huge project, CIG has released the first of many monthly reports about the development on Star Citizen. These will be useful to keep up to date on what each of the different teams is working on. Since different aspects of the game are being developed by different studios, this is the article you need every month to keep in touch with the development of your favorite thing about Star Citizen. Consider it a summary for the people who don’t have the time to watch every video, roam the forums for hours or browse the wiki for days in search of every update.

Star Citizen employs 212 developers at the moment. All of them working together to make the best game they can. None of them under the pressure of a publisher asking them to deliver the impossible just because there’s a quarterly report coming.

So in the link below, you’ll find out what each of the teams are doing. CIG Santa Monica, CIG Texas, Foundry 42, BHVR, CGBot, the FPS team, Void Alpha, Turbulent, and other important outsourced cogs in this very impressive machine. There’s talent from everywhere.

Sci-fi artists like Ryan Church (Avatar, Star Trek, Star Wars), Jim Martin (Star Trek, AI, The Matrix Reloaded, Geoffrey Mandel (Serenity, Firefly) and Justin Sweet (Avengers) Are all working in the art to make the Star Citizen world as epic as it can be.

So this is it. Grab a drink and enjoy the long post. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Monthly Report: February 2014

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