PA Gamma – Upcoming features


PA Gamma – Upcoming features

“The upcoming gamma phase of Planetary Annihilation is all about you and your friends. We’ll be rolling out a ton of features over the course of development that’ll make it easier to connect, team up, browse compare, and check out the Commanders you own. Today, we wanted to talk about some of these awesome social and experiential additions that’ll totally take Planetary Annihilation to the next level.

From top to bottom, Planetary Annihilation’s user interface is being reimagined and refocused to make it even simpler to find what you want, when you want it. We’re expanding server browsing options, for instance. In Gamma, you’ll be able to filter potential matches by player count and number of planets. We’ll also make it easier to create a new game.

The new front-end menus, on the other hand, will support dynamic news items. We’re also going to add a video hub that’ll display content from us and you. In the future, we plan to expand this to show new players how to play.

And did we mention how you’ll be welcomed to the game? Our orchestral soundtrack will be rolled out during this phase.

Gamma will also introduce new social functionality such as friends lists and instant messaging. We’ll be expanding our Twitch.TV functionality as well by adding visual cues, controls for audio settings, and the ability for streamers to run commercials (becausewe’re totally cool with folks monetizing videos of our games).

Also during the gamma phase, you’ll be able to compete against friends on the leaderboards to see who’s really the best and you’ll be able to view a variety of stats after matches. We’re also going to roll out a spectator mode that’ll feature its own chat and provides a real-time display of players’ economies.

A totally new concept that we’re going to introduce during gamma is the Armory. When we add this feature, you’ll be able to see all the Commanders you already own or have been rewarded as a backer of the game. You’ll also see special badges you’ve earned there.

Gamma phase’s social features and rebuilt UI will make interacting and playing a breeze — and the game that much more intense to play as a result. Most of what we’re talking about today will be rolled out over the course of the phase, but you’ll get an awesome taste of what’s to come this Thursday, February 27th, when Gamma releases.

We’ve got some more to share before Gamma releases as a free update. Stay tuned!”

– as seen on the original post at the kickstarter page right here.


  • Naraku
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 12:27 pm

    Spectator mode and armory seem cool. What’s the friends list about, though? Is it for those with the non Steam version?

    • Freemon
      Feb 26, 2014 @ 14:00 pm

      The game is out on several services. Directly from the Uber Store, Steam, Origin, and the Humble Bundle store (weird one that). I presume an ingame unified friends list and communications “suite” is needed, and welcome, to unify everyone. It might also be needed for the clan, tournament and galactic war features that are yet to come. 🙂


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