PA Evolution X


PA Evolution X

It has been a long time since the last PA Evolution.

Uber has been hard at work to implement new features and polish the ones that we already had available.

Orbital Gameplay

While it still needs a little bit of work, Orbital is becoming a better part of the game. The Orbital Launcher can put units up much faster, but it can’t put all of them. You will need to send up an orbital fabber and it will build your advanced orbital units up there. One problem with orbital or interplanetary combat/movement is it’s sluggish. It takes a very long time to get from one planet to another unless they are very close to eachother. It will end up being tweaked at the expense of “realistic physics”. However, I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that.

Unit Balance

Unit balance has been tweaked over the last months and while it’s not 100% done yet, it feels much better now. Battles aren’t half a second long and units actually have some weight and combats are a little bit more longer. It’s still fast paced action but much better balanced. New units have been added in the last update and there’s still a few missing. Uber still has some unit roles that need to be filled, like the crawling bomb bot and other forms of transports that I’m really excited about. Hover tanks and gunships are coming too.


The game changer. There was a big issue with interplanetary war. It broke the pace of the game massively. And there weren’t any good ways to break a planet other than throw another planet at it or use nukes. Now there’s the Teleporter. Besides looking amazing, it can be built from orbit which makes invasions much better. You can build up your army in a planet; build a Teleporter; fly some orbital units and a fabber over to the enemy planet; clear a landing zone from orbit and plop down another Teleporter; send your units across. It is pure awesomeness. It looks impressive, it works, and adds a new layer on invasion gameplay.

Bots vs Tanks

The difference between bots and tanks is also being fleshed out. Bots were initially intended to be faster “tanks”. Uber is taking cues from other games and real war too. They are giving bots a more infantry role, by adding “medic” bots that you can send with your fighting bots and tanks and it will repair your units while they are busy blowing the enemy to smithereens. There are new units too. Close range tanks with more armor that can be amazing in the front line as meat shields.

Lights Up!

The night side of planets will look a little bit different in future builds. Uber wants units to light up and light might even have a role in gameplay with spotlight bots shining lights in combat. How will it work and why? I don’t think anyone really knows yet. Just like the Teleporter turned out to be much better than even Uber expected it to be, some new light based gameplay mechanics might be really awesome, or they might end up being boring and Uber will cut them out.

For all the latest details please check Uber’s latest stream, where Jon Mavor and John Comes talk about all the above and much more, all while a great game is played in the background by Brad Nicholson and a few Uber employees.

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