Happy Birthday EXL


Happy Birthday EXL


Another year has passed. We’ve been around for 6 years and from the looks of it we’ll be around for many more. By now we’re a big family. We might be in a low activity state at the moment but that’s not always bad. Most clans disband when the game they used to play dies. We’re still around years after the original Supreme Commander faded away.

Created for Supreme Commander, we are the proof that real clans can grow bigger than the game they are formed to play in the beginning. We’re bigger than any game now. Doesn’t matter where we come from. Portugal, Mexico, US, Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Norway or any other, I’m proud to say that we’re already a global family.

It’s true that most of us haven’t been around that much and there hasn’t been a game we’ve all played together for some time. However, I have high hopes for Planetary Annihilation and Star Citizen. I’m yet to pick up Battlefield 4 properly, but considering it is still going through some strange post release beta development syndrome, I’m OK with that. You can always find me on Steam for a chat or maybe a game of something.

To all of you still around, Thank you for letting me be the leader of the best clan I know.

Tonight I’ll raise a glass to the original founding members, Mind, Stanby, Bus, Zebra, but also to Mr Niceguy, CherryPoppinDaddy, Birk, Asteryz, Naraku, and everyone else, thank you for all the trust you’ve put on the clan and for all your hard work and dedication to this great family. You’re all awesome.

This Friday I’m making my weekly pizza extra large with extra everything to celebrate the occasion.  And you?

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  • Naraku
    Jan 9, 2014 @ 11:40 am

    A happy birthday to us EXL then! I’ll be sure to get my weekly pizza(s), maybe I can try out a new one just for this.


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