PA Evolution IX


PA Evolution IX


December is right around the corner and Planetary Annihilation updates are being released at a slow but steady pace. The official news post explains what’s going on better than I do. So here’s the latest news from the Uber team:

Over the last three weeks, the entire Planetary Annihilation team has been laser-focused on two goals: chipping away at instability and piledriving performance issues. We’ve chased down and fixed edge cases, improved frame rates across the board, and we’ve solved some of the bigger, hairier issues that some users have been experiencing. Beta is more awesome than ever — it’s stable, folks are having a good time, and the conversation is turning to mechanics and features instead of the bothersome bits inherent in early builds of a video game about blowing planets up.

Beta will never be perfect. That’s not what beta’s about. But, we’ve got the game experience to a place where we’re confident with moving on to enhancements. Enhancements like new units and even slicker optimizations and features.

We can’t wait to get the Unit Cannon in your hands, so you can start barfing units across solar systems. We also can’t wait for you to experience gates, which will allow your armies to invade planets far from their own. Orbital nukes are on deck, too. The scale of Planetary Annihilation is incredible. These things will make it, uh … incredible-r.

Since beta’s in such a great place and so many fantastic things are coming down the pipe, we’re granting instant access to anyone who has backed or pre-ordered the retail version. Specifically, if you pledged $20 (or $15) to our Kickstarter or pre-ordered Planetary Annihilation through the Uber store, you’re going to be smashing some planets with us really soon.

We’ll be letting folks into the game in waves. As you read this, in fact, we’re sending out the first wave of codes to users. Over the coming days, we’ll continue sending out codes until everyone is in. If you don’t get an invite today, don’t worry! We’ll get to you. We promise. Pinky swear!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who pledged for or purchased our game. Without you, Planetary Annihilation wouldn’t have been possible. You helped fund the game and you believed in our vision. And since we hit our goals, we’ve worked hard to deliver an intense experience that we believe you’ll love. Thanks again, guys.

Whether you get your code today, in two days, or nine days from now, welcome to Planetary Annihilation. It’s a video game about blowing stuff up. In space. With planets. And it’s only going to get more awesome as we go. We’ll see you soon.


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