26 Million for Star Citizen


26 Million for Star Citizen


Twenty six million USD. That’s the money Cloud Imperium Games has raised to make Star Citizen. The 26 million barrier was broken a couple days ago and with it came a new “Letter from the Chairman” and an announcement of new features. You see, with each new million they can hire more staff to do more things or polish things they weren’t paying much attention to before.

This new landmark means deeper capital ship gameplay. What does that mean? Well, Chris Roberts explains in the latest Letter from the Chairman:

  • Enhanced Capital Ship Systems – In addition to the command and control systems we’ve already outlined, we’re going to expand capital ship functions! Lead a damage control team to fight fires and repair key systems during battle, control internal bulkheads to slow boarders and man a number of consoles, like navigation and engineering, that will make commanding a capital ship feel even more immersive.

And right after that came the announcement for the 28 million stretch goal. A new starter ship.

  • New Starter Ship – The team at Consolidated Outland has decided to take Roberts Space Industries head on in 2944 by premiering the Mustang personal spacecraft. We will use these additional resources to create another ship company and starter ship for Star Citizen. The new ship will be offered for sale alongside the Aurora, so players have a choice between two options to begin the game!

Things keep getting better and better for Star Citizen and the funding stream doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I don’t want to bet but if I had to guess I would say it is going to reach 30 millions before the end of the year. Hell, they might start making real spaceships and all! I would buy one…if they keep the price.

50 bucks for a spaceship isn’t that much.

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