PA – Build 56310


PA – Build 56310


A new patch was released. If you have PA on steam, you probably noticed it already. The focus of the patch was mostly to under-the-hood stuff, so don’t expect many visual changes with this one. This kind of work is necessary to prepare for changes that are yet to come.

Change list is right here:

  • Fix for new Steam players needing to exit and re-enter the game before they can create or find a match.
  • Improvements to building placement. More to come on this front.
  • Significant changes to how information is sent to the client. This should result in significantly reduced network utilization. It has been tested pretty thoroughly by the team, but it’s a big change. Please report to the forums if you find strange new behavior you’ve never seen before. Be as detailed as you can to help us better track down new issues.
  • Lava planets are currently disabled for play, due to some known pathing / placement issues in relation to having actual lava on them now. You can still build them in the system editor.
  • Additional client and server crash fixes.
  • Number of Mac shader and render fixes.
  • More HDR tuning.
  • More graphics performance and compatibility work.
  • AI Performance improvements
  • AI continues to get smarter, and make better use of existing systems. We will have a way to handicap the AI very soon.
  • The AI has also gone interplanetary.
  • Rebalance of defense towers, single, double and triple barrel
  • Wall health reduced and cost increased

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  • Spawndive
    Nov 3, 2013 @ 1:11 am

    y u no fix everything T_T December oh December, where are you December


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