New Star Citizen Trailer Shows a Hornet


New Star Citizen Trailer Shows a Hornet

Robert Space Industries has released a new trailer for the Anvil Aerospace Hornet, one of the most beautiful ships I’ve seen in a videogame. So the timing is perfect to write about it and the other two that they made before. One for the Aurora and one for the 300i. Three trailers for 3 different ships. Pick your favorite!

Anvil Aerospace Hornet

Origin Jumpworks 300i

RSI Aurora

If they look like commercials it’s because they are. You can buy any of those ships right now. You can walk around, on, and in them in the alpha hangar module already released and available for download. Later this year you’ll be able to use them in dogfighting. Hopefully, somewhere around next year you’ll be able to fly them at your leisure in the giant universe promised by RSI. A few clan members are interested in the game and will be playing it. I’m one of them! If you’re interested as well and don’t have a ship yet drop by the new Star Citizen forum section where I’m able to answer questions and post content related to this ambitious project from information gathered from all sorts of sources.

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  • Naraku
    Oct 23, 2013 @ 22:24 pm

    I really like the Cutlass, but holy shit, 100 euros. I’ll just get it in some other way when I’ll get the game.


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