PA – Build 55430


PA – Build 55430

The build most of us were waiting since the last Livestream is here. HDR, FSAA and resolution scaling. The new Raptor Commander is playable as well. The rest of the changes are as follows:


  • To get orbital or deepspace radar, you need to build an orbital and deepspace radar (adv unit)
  • Quite a few client and server crash fixes
  • Landing zone size fixed for real this time
  • There’s a new tutorial video off the main menu now. This is WIP, and will be replaced/enhanced with a selection of tutorial videos/community how-to guides going into the future
  • Units should push more naturally out of an area that you’re building in, without you having to manually move them
  • Orbit visualization now exist in the celestial view
  • Another host of pathing updates, changes, and fixes
  • Energy and metal can once again be built along the shoreline
  • AI continues to get smarter and more dangerous. It may nuke you! You’ve been warned!

There were also a few balance changes:

  • Battleship: HP increased, ROF increased very slightly, lifetime of the projectiles increased
  • Orbital Fighter: More expensive and a bit slower – This unit was supposed to have different move dynamics than an airplane; Also can now be targeted by ion defense and actually hit
  • Delta V Engine build cost dropped by roughly a third
  • Ion Defense build cost reduced, more inline with intended cost
  • Tactical Missile projectile max lifetime reduced by 75% because too long!
  • Ammo lifetime increased for Pelter and explicit target layers created for Holkins.

And that’s all folks! Get cracking on those planets!

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