October 11 – Uber LiveStream


October 11 – Uber LiveStream

Last night’s Livestream was amazing. While a 3v3 game between Uber guys ran on the background, Brad Nicholson, Ben Golus, and Steve Smith kept us hooked by answering questions from the web and talking about some upcoming features.

HDR was the theme for a big part of the conversation, and what it does to make the look much better. Explosions, the sun, and the overal contrast, all improved thanks to HDR. Expect it to be released in 1 or 2 weeks!

However, the highlight of this Livestream was the reveal of a new commander. The Raptor. It’s still early work but it’s already my favorite. According to some, it looks like a big Portal turret that moves. What do you think?

raptor first look

But you’re not here to see screenshots of a youtube video.  So here’s the livestream in full. One hour of awesome.

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