PA – Build 54994


PA – Build 54994

Many many many changes! Performance, balance, and AI mostly. The full patch notes are right below the cut.

  • A lot more back end work for stability, performance and overall game experience. There is at least one known server crash related to moving units through the celestial/deep space. We’re still looking for a 100% repro, however If you find something you’re doing crashes your server every time, please let us know on the forums!
  • We have changed how games load – as soon as a lobby is hosted, the game server starts preparing the planet, both on the server and locally. If you notice “Connect to server” taking a little while, be patient. When you get into the lobby, you should see a status light on the solar system info that changes from red to yellow to green. Once it’s green, if everyone is ready, you should see the game start very quickly.
  • Significant changes to building placement code ; you should see fewer false positives on placement, as well as more accurate information when getting invalid/red placement warnings
  • Confirmation buttons exist now for: Leave a game lobby, leave a live game, quit the program
  • Default game type switched back to FFA from Vs. AI
  • Changes to lobby layout
  • Max planet sizes are now clamped to 1200 for gameplay ; you can make bigger planets, but we need more work before we can unlock play on larger planets
  • Start zone sizing should now be accuratley represented
  • Ongoing work on the pathing
  • AIs build defenses more
  • AIs now will update their rally points for units being generated
  • AI should make better use of advanced fabbers again and also build many more advanced factories again
  • AI can now build defenses in expansion bases
  • AI can now build advanced mexes on existing basic mexes
  • Balance Changes:
  • WIP: Fairly significant changes to naval; this is still very in progress, and only basic units have really been modified yet. Advanced will get a pass next. Too many changes to list individually.
  • Radar and Advanced Radar can now be built on water
  • Radar and Advanced Radar require your energy to be at least 90% efficient to operate (If you have 10k power and are using more than approximately 11,000 power, you will stall your radar)
  • Missile ship’s range has been decreased to be more inline with normal tactical missile launcher; Missile ship now also charges more slowly than before. Fire time is still 10 seconds, but if you’re running a deficit energy economy, it will slow down your rate of fire.
  • Tactical Missile Launcher has the same limits as the Missile Ship – stalled energy economy will have more of an impact on it’s ability to fire
  • Ion Defense Cannon: Changes to help make it more accurate (more work is still needed); This unit is NOT designed to take out orbital fighters.

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