PA Evolution VIII – Patch Round Up


PA Evolution VIII – Patch Round Up

For those who are in the beta this is not news. We all got the update in the mail a few days ago and we were all terribly excited with it! Basically, the beta has kicked off and with it, regular small(er) updates. A tweak here, an0ther one there, a new thing here and a unit redesign there. So here’s the gist of it:

  • Fixes for various server crash issues
  • Eliminated Advanced Mex exploid
  • Better ATI support for Mac users
  • Improved Steam launching for Linux
  • Made advanced tanks smaller
  • Vastry improved water unit pathing
  • AI now uses bots
  • Added support to map WASD
  • Redesigned the Energy plant, sea air defense, Advanced Radar Satellite.
  • Added the ability to set AI as opponent instead of having players leave spots open.

So…Planet smashing is already in as well… basic orbital too. Land, Sea, and Air combat is pretty much near its final form. Many new units will come with time and some tweaks are necessary to take it all to the next level like formations, better unit organization – no more cluster Fs, and better performance. Oh! and Shaders! The game looks impressive as is and I keep forgetting the shaders aren’t in place yet.

December is 2 months away and if you look back to where the game was 2 months ago, the evolution is mind blowing. Good on you Uber. looking forward to all the upcoming patches.

If you have any suggestions, drop by the thread we made for them and leave a post. We are going to round them up soon and posting them on the official forums.


  • Asteryz
    Oct 7, 2013 @ 14:23 pm

    “Oh! and Shaders! The game looks impressive as is and I keep forgetting the shaders aren’t in place yet.” If that is the case then what are these files filled with shader code that look like shaders and act like shaders?

    • Freemon
      Oct 7, 2013 @ 14:56 pm

      That is a good question! But you’re asking it to the wrong guy. Uber keeps saying shaders aren’t in place yet and that the guy they got from microsoft is working hard in them, so, are they in the game and working? What are really shaders? You might be onto something here! The technical of it isn’t my strong, so tell us more! 😀


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