$20 Million raised for Star Citizen


$20 Million raised for Star Citizen

I’m sure some producers somewhere are holding late night emergency meetings, to try and figure out how a PC space sim could achieve such thing. Truth is, on PC gamers know what PC gamers want. And right now, PC gamers want an awesome space sim!

Cloud Imperium Games is now sitting on top of a massive pile of money because of that. The company that set of to crowd-fund their Star Citizen project, has long surpassed all expectations and is now smooth sailing towards the next stretch-goal, waiting for them at the 21 million mark.

Star Citizen, a very ambitious space sim is expected to bring back the genre from the brink with the power of Cry Engine 3 and the genius of Chris Roberts pushing it in forward. Roberts is know for Wing Commander, Starlancer and Freelancer. When Roberts says space sim, he means it. There will be a universe size universe to explore, and you can take any role you want. You can trade, explore, be a pirate, play catch with asteroids, kill yourself in a red giant, find a black hole, suffer spaghettification (it’s a real word, Google it) and come out the other end…maybe…no one knows.

You can pledge one of the packs which will get you a ship, a hangar to keep it and some credits. packs can go from the 30 USD pack with a small cheap ship  and a tiny hangar to keep it, to 275 USD for the pack with the most expensive ship available at the moment and a proper space age hangar to keep it confortable. Plenty of different packs and ships to choose from. Apart from the ships included in the packs you can buy extra ones. So, plenty of different ways to spend your money with a game that still doesn’t… exist… sort of. No wonder they got 20 million. Everything looks cool!

The hangar module is the only thing already available. You can walk around your ship, get in it, sit at the controls and that’s it. for now. Later this year, Cloud Imperium Games expects to release the multiplayer dogfighting module where players will be able to fly their brand new ships against each other.

If you’re wondering what the game is supposed to look like, there’s a trailer down below. I remind you that this is being made with the CryEngine, so in the looks and sexiness department, Star Citizen won’t disappoint.


  • stano
    Oct 1, 2013 @ 21:04 pm

    humm looks nice, but we will never know until we trie :P.
    if its good i will play it for sure.

    homeworld 2 ftw 😛

    • Freemon
      Oct 1, 2013 @ 21:27 pm

      Homeworld 1 and 2 are going to be re-released by Gearbox in HD! I’m definitely going to buy those! Best Space RTS of their time. 🙂


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