Uber Livestream – September 27


Uber Livestream – September 27

There was a Uber Livestream and I missed it. I was busy getting my hands dirty with flinging rocks at planets. But I’ve watched it now and spent some time taking notes that you can find below the video.

The game in the background quickly goes south for the blue team, and the Oranges starts flinging really big rocks at them. It doesn’t end well and is worth watching it all.

how about the chat? What was it all about? Since Beta is here, Mavor talked about how exciting the next few months are going to be. The basic units are in but there are many more to come. More T2 units with specific roles and also many balance changes and many interface updates.

Performance was a question posed by many and Mavor said that there’s a long way to go before the game performs as he wants it to perform. There’s still a few months to go, so we can expect many performance improvements.

On a sidenote, I can add that the latest Nvidia drivers seem to fix some texturing problems and improve the framerate a bit. if you have an Nvidia card, try them.

Planet color and contrast was a hot topic as well, which eventually led the talk to day and night cycles. There’s an idea for a light post unit that might lead to some other ideas for night time combat specifics. Bases should light up in darkness and gameplay should be slightly diferent. The overall contrast should improve soon if Mavor’s plans go to…plan. The team is working on the shaders pipeline, so expect the graphics to be jawdroping before the “final” version is released in December. Good news to modders and video makers is that the shader pipeline will probably be moddable and accessible on the game files.

Burning trees will come soon too. They will catch on fire, and fire does damage. Units will have to circle around that which adds another layer to the gameplay, which is always cool!

Are you tired of hearing about the new Steam controller? Mavor is excited about it! So Planetary Annihilation might support it one day. How? No one knows yet so don’t ask me.

Clan wars are also sort of confirmed. Uber hasn’t thought it over in detail but it will be in. Clan Commander design, Clans fighting over systems and other Clan related stuff are ideas in the minds at Uber. So…Excitement level is through the roof, at least on my side.

More regular builds are to be expected. They might even be daily so stay tuned!

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